Lipotherme is a laser assisted lipolysis system. 

Technology :

Principle of Laser Lipolyse

Intended use and recommandation of use

CE marking: The Lipotherme laser is intended to be used for lipomes and gynecomastia treatment. 

FDA: The intended use of Lipotherme device is Laser Assisted Lipolysis. This laser assisted lipolysis device is only intended to be used on a small treatment area.  A  small  treatment  area  is  a  small  anatomical  site  such  as  the  chin  or  upper arms (triceps) that is treated to remove a total of about 120cc of fat per anatomic site.

The safety and effectiveness of laser assisted lipolysis on larger areas and laser assisted lipolysis procedures with liquefied fat remaining in the body or as an adjunct or  pre-treatment for standard  liposuction procedures have not been  evaluated cleared by the FDA. The FDA has not evaluated clinical data demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of this device for larger volumes or areas of fat treatment such as thighs, buttocks, or abdomen.



The lipolysis laser is an advanced technology in the treatment of localized fat deposits. The laser energy is delivered by the optic fiber which is introduced in the hypodermis and allows an elevation of temperature. This volumetric heating launches the process of destruction of fat cells (adipocytes) and decreases side effect thanks to the coagulation of small vessels. 

  • Easy to perform treatment
  • Local tumescent anesthesia
  • Small incisions
  • No traumatic procedure
  • No post operatory heavy effect
  • Minimal downtime



Before and After Pictures








Technical specifications

Cooling system:
Emission mode:
Laser class:

Safety class:
Aiming beam:
Aiming beam laser class:
Power supply:

Diode Laser
980 nm +/-10
25 Watts
Peltier and Air

IIb (Directive 93/42/CE)
Diode Laser
635 nm +/- 20
< 2 mWatts
110-240 VAC ; 50 to 60 Hz
15 kg
45cm × 45cm × 35cm
FDA  - CE 0120

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