Varicose Veins Treatment

Varicose veins are dilated veins, unsightly and painful, located in most cases on the leg, which, if not treated on time, may lead to serious complications such as edema, leg ulcers, broken veins (the vessel wall wears and causes bleeding), phlebitis or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the veins).
The endovenous laser treats varicose veins in one treatment, rapid, painless, under local or loco-regional anesthesia, with a quick recovery. This technique is lighter than traditional surgery.

1. Role of leg veins :

The role of leg veins is to raise the blood from the feet toward the heart. When the veins are sick, the movement is from the thigh towards the foot, and not from the foot to the thigh. It is the sensation of heavy legs. When the blood goes down to the foot, it dilates the veins and causes varicose veins.

2. How does endovenous laser work?

Principle: the laser, thanks to its thermal action heats the vein wall and destroys it. Then it will be eliminated by the body.

In practice: the physician introduces into the vein, a catheter in which is inserted the laser fiber. Then he removes the fiber all along the vein while shooting the laser, which delivers the energy, needed to destroy the vein wall.

3. Who can get an endovenous laser treatment?

All the candidates for varicose veins surgery may benefit from endovenous laser treatment. The laser can even extend the indications to more patients who are frail or elderly and unsuitable for surgery.

4. How is an endovenous laser procedure?

Before the intervention, there is a consultation with the physician, who carries a Doppler ultrasound to determine the size of varicose veins, the vanishing points and the incontinence to be treated.

The procedure is done in an operating room or in a standard cleaning room, ambulatory and without hospitalization. Then local or loco-regional anesthesia is made. The treatment is painless and leaves no scars. This technique targets only the sick vein and does not affect other healthy veins network.

At the end of the intervention, a stocking is recommended for one week. You can go back to your activities immediately, and back to work in 2-6 days.

5. What are the indications?

The endovenous laser treats greater and small saphenous veins, from 4 to 8 mm.

6. What are the results?

The laser causes the closure of the vein with a success rate above 97%, with a follow-up of more than four years, according to a study on 500 patients, published in 2007.

7. Are there side effects?

There are no troublesome side effects: no hematomas, a postoperative comfort with shower possible right out of surgery and several days of stockings. You can walk right away.

Before and After Pictures

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