Endotherme™ 1470 & Ringlight radial fibers

fibre radiale LSO Medical

EVLT Laser and accessories for the Treatment of incompetent saphenous veins.

Principle and Indications 

The principle of Endotherme 1470 is based on the thermal effect of the laser: it's a thermal ablation of the vessel wall. 

The 1470nm, which has a higher absorption in the tissues, improves the post-op comfort for the patient, while ensuring the optimal efficacy of treatment.

The indications of EVLT are the thermo-occlusion of

  • Great Saphenous veins
  • Small saphenous veins
  • Perforating veins
  • Veins with diameter from 4mm
  • Varicose Ulcers
 Laser 1470nmgraphique absorption longueur d'onde laser

Advantages and Interests of Endotherme 1470 

The EVLT is effective, safe, quick and painless. This technique is lighter than the traditional surgery:

  • Local or locoregional anesthesia
  • No hospitalization, ambulatory
  • No bruises
  • No downtime: fast recovery
  • No post-operative effects: shower possible straight away, no pain


The main advantage of Endotherme 1470: 

The Ringlight radial fibers, with the encapsulated tip, smooth and atraumatic, avoid perforations of the vein wall.

Radial emission leads to an homogeneous destruction of the vein wall exclusively.

Technical specifications of Ringlight radial fibers

Exist in Standard 600µm and Slim 400µm versions.




Technical specifications of Endotherme 1470

Cooling system:
Emission mode:
Device Classe:
Aiming beam:
Laser Classe:
Power supply:

Diode Laser
1470 nm +/-10
15 Watts
Peltier et Air
Continuous or Pulsed, 0,1 à 25 sec.
IIb (Directive 93/42/CE) 
Diode Laser
635 nm +/- 20
< à 2 mWatts
110-230 VAC ; 50 à 60 Hz
15 kg
H 45cm × L 45cm × l 35cm
CE 1639

Kits and accessories for EVLT procedure

Select among the range of accessories and kits: 

Complete kit for endovenous procedure ( puncture needle, introducer set, catheter...)

Tumescence pump, roller pump, with universal controls and settings, and tubings. 

  • See the details of the kits here


A published and known efficiency:

A prospective comparison of four methods of endovenous thermal ablation.

Dzieciuchowicz L, Krasinski Z, Gabriel M and Espinosa G.
Przeglad Chirurgiczny 2011;83,11,897-606.

Conclusion: "Ambulatory EVTA is an effective and safe method of treatment of superficial venous trunks insufficiency even in patients with thrombotic risk factors. All the examined methods seem to be equally effective once ad -equate LED is applied. RFA has a higher risk of postoperative paresthesia than EVLA. The advantage of 1470nm laser is high efficacy with low LED and fast vein contraction which may yield better long-term results and fewer perioperative complications."

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