Clinical Guidelines of NICE: the EVLT as reference treatment

July 2013.

The laser is considered in Great-Britain by the NICE, as the reference treatment.

The British Health Authority, known as the NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which is the counterpart of the HAS in France (High Health Authority) recently published its recommandations and clinical guidelines ( Clinical guidelines 168) relative to varicose veins: diagnosis, patient care and treatment of this pathology.

Its recommandations are the following:

The treatment recommended as first-choice therapy for patients suffering from varicose veins and truncal reflux is endothermic ablation (preferred to surgery).

Endovenous Laser and endothermic technology are thus awarded first place among venous treatments by United Kingdom (after Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands...) 

Next comes foam sclerotherapy, and only behind stripping.

Endovenous Laser is once again recognized and considered as the first-line treatment for venous insuffiency, providing the best patient outcomes, both in terms of  efficiency, post -operative comfort, absence of pain and of sick leave.

The outlook looks positive and promising....


See the clinical guidelines of NICE - full text 


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