Endotherme™ 980

LSO Medical offers the Endotherme 980nm laser device, for varicose veins treatment:

Technique of Endovenous Laser


Video courtesy of Dr Allart, Angiologist in Amiens (France).


The principle of Endotherme is based on the thermal effect of the laser, which consists in 4 steps:

  • Conversion of light into heat
  • Transfer of the heat to the vessel wall
  • Thermochemical effect on the tissue components of the vessel wall
  • Destruction of the vessel wall.

For a perfect dosimetry in continuous shooting mode, use the OsyPilot


The endovenous laser treatment is effective, safe, quick and painless. This technique is lighter than the traditional surgery:

  • Local or locoregional anesthesia
  • No hospitalization, ambulatory
  • No bruises
  • No downtime: fast recovery
  • No post-operative effects: shower possible straight away, no pain

The Endotherme™ 980 is used with a distale fiber of 600µm: more information here

A published and known efficiency:

A study, led by Desmyttère & al, and published in December 2007 in Journal of Vascular Surgery, reports that in a series of 500 patients, who were treated with Pharaon 980nm, the successful saphenous vein occlusion rate reaches 97% at 4 years.

Before and After Pictures


Greater and small saphenous veins, diameter preferably between 4 and 8mm.

Technical specifications

Cooling system:
Emission mode:
Device class:

Aiming beam:
Laser class:
Power supply:

Diode Laser
980 nm +/-10
25 Watts 
Peltier and Air
Continuous or Pulsed 0,1 to 25 sec

Diode Laser
635 nm +/- 20
< 2 mWatts
110-240 VAC; 50 to 60 Hz
15 kg
45 × 45 × 35 cm
FDA cleared - CE 1639

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